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Vocalist Anthony Kiedis wrote the song's most prevalent lyrical refrain in response to an experience he shared with former girlfriend Nina Hagen regarding altruistic behavior and the value of selflessness. performances shortly thereafter, but when the side project disbanded Frusciante and Flea believed the track would be appropriate for the Chili Peppers' upcoming record.

"Give It Away" went on to achieve international fame, reaching number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks in late 1991, giving the band their first ever number one single. Vocalist Anthony Kiedis agreed, and upon hearing the rest of the Chili Peppers play the song he began chanting "give it away, give it away, give it away now".

It’s been three years since Taylor Swift has released a studio album, and so it’s been three years since we’ve participated in our favorite competitive sport: Scouring each new track for potentially biographical references. Back in the , Swift flaunts a new side of herself, a side which might not have formed had it not been for the summer of 2016.

After numerous public feuds, Swift retreated from the limelight. She wrote If you’re at all curious to know Swift’s thoughts on Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Kanye West, Joe Alwyn, fame, wrongdoings, revenge, and British slang, you’ll get ‘em here.

Picture a bright blue ball, just spinning, spinnin free, Dizzy with eternity. It's basically a ring dance, where all the kids get to "dance and shake their bones," and fall down at the end. There are many variations on the rhyme (interesting or unbelievable that they all should have devloped since the 1880's...) Here are a few: "A ring, a ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies, Ash-a!

Paint it with a skin of sky, Brush in some clouds and sea, Call it home for you and me. And the politicians throwin' stones, Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down. [Bridge:] Commissars and pin-stripe bosses Roll the dice. [Instrumental] If the game is lost, Then we're all the same. We can leave this place and empty stone Or that shinin' ball we used to call our home.

A peaceful place or so it looks from space, A closer look reveals the human race. Always awake, always around, Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down. Now watch as the ball revolves And the nighttime falls. By and by, the morning sun will rise, But the darkness never goes From some men's eyes. Click flash blade in ghetto night, Rudies looking for a fight. Any way they fall, Guess who gets to pay the price. So the kids they dance And shake their bones, And the politicians throwin' stones, Singing ashes, ashes, all fall down. [Bridge two:] Shipping powders back and forth Singing black goes south and white comes north.

Since its release, "Give It Away" has gone on to receive numerous accolades, including a Grammy Award for the Best Hard Rock Performance With Vocals in 1992. Flea and Frusciante were unable to come to an agreement on guitar or bass progressions, but separately crafted part of the song.

Every time you empty your vessel of that energy, fresh new energy comes flooding in." During the verses, Kiedis departs from the idea of unselfishness and sings about a variety of topics including long-time friend River Phoenix, musician Bob Marley and various sexual themes including fertility and lust."Give It Away" makes use of far drier production than previous Red Hot Chili Peppers material by removing reverb and guitar layering.

Producer Rick Rubin disavowed walls of sound and layering for simpler, more concise guitar and bass progressions.

Hagen was several years Kiedis' senior and became a role-model during his drug addiction to heroin: "she realized how young and inexperienced I was then, so she was always passing on gems to me, not in a preachy way, just by seizing on opportunities." Upon expressing this, Hagen immediately told him to keep it.

Her reasoning behind this selflessness was due to an attempt to constantly make her life more enjoyable, and explained to Kiedis that "if you have a closet full of clothes and you try to keep them all, your life will get very small.

But if you have a full closet and someone sees something they like, if you give it to them, the world is a better place." The act was something that affected Kiedis significantly because he had never before experienced such an enlightening ideology on life.